Wisdom tooth removal

Molars, which are the third in order, at the back of your mouth

Molars, which are the third in order at the back of your mouth, may not need to be removed if they:

Fully grown (fully featured)
Its position is intact, and it fits correctly against it when biting
It can be cleaned as part of daily hygiene practices
But often, wisdom teeth do not have room to grow properly and can cause problems. A prominent wisdom tooth can grow at different angles in the jaw, and sometimes even grow laterally. Molars problems with wisdom teeth may include:

To remain completely invisible inside the gums. If a wisdom tooth cannot protrude normally, it may become lodged in your jaw. This can sometimes lead to inflammation, or it can cause a cyst that damages the roots of other teeth or a bone abutment.
Partial protrusion from the gums. And because this area is difficult to see and clean, the wisdom tooth that partially protrudes creates an opening that may become a focus that attracts bacteria that cause gum disease and mouth infections.
Crowding out the adjacent teeth. If the wisdom tooth doesn't have enough room to grow to protrude properly, it may crowd out or damage neighboring teeth.
Some dentists recommend removing wisdom teeth if they do not fully protrude. Many dentists believe that it is advisable to extract wisdom teeth at a younger age, before the root and bone growth is complete, as recovery after surgery is generally faster. Therefore, some teenagers undergo extraction of wisdom teeth before it causes any problems.

And according to the American Dental Association, a wisdom tooth extraction may be necessary if there are changes in the area of ​​those molars, such as:

the pain
Recurrence of infection in the soft tissues behind the lower last tooth
Bags filled with liquid
Damage to adjacent teeth
Gum disease
Severe tooth decay
Sometimes there are no clear factors that can be relied upon to decide whether to have a wisdom tooth removed. Talk to your dentist or oral surgeon about the position of your wisdom tooth, its health, and the best approach for your condition.

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